About Us

C. O. P. Pili Sweets and Pastries is the maker of Wrapsody Pilinut-Filled Pastries and Y-Nut! Roasted Pili Nuts, a new line of non-traditional pili nut products. These products are manufactured and packaged in the province of Albay in the Bicol Region of the Philippines. The company started out on October 2006 using pili nuts they carefully hand-picked, selected, and processed to assure their consumers and customers obtain high quality products. 

The first products that C.O.P. Pili Sweets and Pastries made were Chewy Pili Caramel and Chili Garlic Pili. The Chewy Pili Caramel was rebranded as the now more commonly known Wrapsody, and the Chili Garlic Pili is now known as Y-Nut! Roasted Pilinut Garlic with Chili. The latter has paved the way for the company’s line of roasted pili nuts (Y-Nut! Roasted Pili Nuts), introducing other flavors as the years went by. Their unique take on pili nut processing took off when they had their first major client, Philippine Airlines (PAL). Individually wrapped Wrapsody pastries were served at PAL’s Business Class coffee service, and Y-Nut! Roasted Pilinut Garlic with Chili was served at PAL’s Mabuhay Lounge.